About Us

Sanzi Imports Ltd is has been established in Glenfield, Auckland since 2002.

Growth in our business has encouraged us to broaden our product base.We actively travel far and wide to bring product to fill niche markets in New Zealand. We have been careful to make sure that our lust for product does not outstrip our expertise, and for that reason we will carefully test market products before placing our full efforts behind them.

We constantly strive to bring new items to our customer base in New Zealand as and when they are launched worldwide.We also strive to bring our own brands, with particular New Zealand flavours to market on a regular basis.

We are careful to ensure that we can provide the backup that we need to service the items that we sell. We think it only fair that customers deserve such support after making a purchase from our retailers.

Please enjoy your visit to our Website.We have launched the site with the latest offering from our NDS Range of Garage Equipment, but we will be adding our other brands to the site over the next few weeks.

Please contact us if you wish to register on the site. Please feel free to ask us about any items from our range that may require service.

We welcome ideas on how we can improve services to you; feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Thank you.
Sanzi Imports Ltd Team

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